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Songlist 2019


Songlist 2019
Songlist 2019 neu.pdf (51.35KB)
Songlist 2019
Songlist 2019 neu.pdf (51.35KB)

Achy breaky heart

Lay down sally

All you really need is love

Lisa Jane

Bad case of loving you

Live forever

Blue train

Living on love

Call me the breeze

Long black train

Cherokee boogie


Copperhead road


Country boy


Country roads

Mercury blues

Cowboys and friends

Mountain music

Dont't rock the jukebox

Mystery train

Drinking dark whiskey

Oh lonesome me

Driving my love away

One long saturday night

Early morning rain

Rambling man

Fishing in the dark

Red gumbo

Flaming star

Ring of fire

Folsom prison blues

Rock this planet

Friends in low paces

Six days on the road


Stand up

Get Ryhthm

Summertime blues

God blessed texas

Sweet home alabama

Good run of bad luck

Tequila sunrise

Got a little country

The road

Gulf of mexico

The wire

Joy’s gonna come in the morning


Heart of mine

Trail of tears

Here comes summer

Walking backwards

Honky tonk song

Wanna be me

I from the country

Yakety sax

I'll take you back

You gonna miss me,when I’m gone


You need a man around here